Owner Information

If you are a property owner seeking a property manager, please contact us. We make it easy! 
Please complete the Owner Rental Questionnaire and bring it to your appointment.

  • We can contact your tenants and your present manager, if you have one, and make all the arrangements to begin management.
  • No more tenant calls: we are a third party between you and your tenant. We take all the calls.
  • Advertising, showing the property and taking the rental calls when vacant is done by us, not you.
  • Screening prospective tenants: we run credit checks, eviction checks, verify employment, talk to former landlords and more. We have years of screening experience.
  • Repair calls: we get the maintenance people out to the property, oversee the work, get estimates and get you a fair price.
  • We know the landlord/tenant law. From the Application to Rent, to the Security Deposit Disposition we know the ever changing law.
  • We collect the rent and enforce payment. We prepare and serve notices. If necessary, we take it all the way through eviction.
  • Monthly accounting statements along with your monthly check are easy to understand and ready for year-end tax preparation.
  • Time: you will have more of it. Going out of town or on vacation. You don't have to worry about your property.


Please contact us for more information on our property management services. 
We would be happy to discuss your property.

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